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Hello, I'm Jonath John


I was born and raised in a small village in Kannur, Kerala, and I have always been passionate about learning and exploring new things. After completing my undergraduate degree in Physics, I pursued a master's degree in Computer Science, specializing in music computing, at Queen Mary University of London. Following my studies, I worked as a music technology researcher in the UK.


During my time in the UK, I became fascinated with British culture, language, and the accent. I developed a unique methodology to learn British English and accent, which has helped many non-native English speakers to talk like natives. Teaching is my passion, and I leverage the gift of music to make sessions more entertaining and engaging.

Talk The Talk is an expression of my passion for the English language, music, art, and more. It's a platform that offers a dynamic and creative way to learn English and develop your personality simultaneously. With Talk The Talk, you'll not only learn the language, but you'll also gain the confidence and charisma to excel in every aspect of your life. So, join our community, and let's talk the talk and grow together!

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